iPhone X Watch out The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is one of the best premium handsets currently on the marke

Showcasing an industry-leading camera, high-end looks, OLED display and a battery that can last two days, it’s easy to see how this smartphone company recently surpassed Apple.

Early this year Huawei dominated in China and and now they moved past Apple’s global smartphone sales for the first time.

And when you look at the Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s latest flagship device, it’s easy to see why more people are choosing a Huawei over an iPhone.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro offers an industry-leading camera, first-class aesthetics, an OLED display and amazing hardware.

While the smaller Mate 10 models are slightly cheaper than the Pro model, after using the device you will have no issues paying the premium point.


The Mate 10 Pro has given the smaller 5.9-inch display from its predecessor the flick, making the new screen 6-inches, with a 2,160x1080-pixel resolution.

Like most premium phones on the market, the Mate 10 Pro has removed the physical home button from the front of the device to allow for maximum realestate for the screen.

The phone has minimum bezel on the sides and a small bar across the bottom and top.

Huawei has switched the rear design from metal to glass, with the fingerprint scanner also found on the back of the phone below the camera.

The placement of the fingerprint scanner feels normal, offering a fast and accurate response.

While Apple recently chose a glass back to help with wireless charging, the Mate 10 Pro doesn’t support such a feature and has been designed purely for aesthetics.

This isn’t a huge deal breaker as wireless charging is often slow and painful.

The glass back is a nice quality touch and although it will show fingerprints, it’s astoundingly scratch resistant. At the bottom of the device is the USB-C charging port and a single speaker, which offers more than enough volume for your day-to-day use.

For those who haven’t joined us in 2017, there is no physical headphone jack, which means you will need an adaptor or upgrade to wireless headphones.

The phone has 128GB of in-built storage, but sadly offers no MicroSD expansion like many other Androids on the market.

Huawei’s OLED display offers lively, sharp colours and inky blacks with no backlight bleeding.

It must be mentioned that brightness is extremely high, although this was likely needed to meet the Mobile HDR 10 standard.


As with all Huawei models, the device has an industry-leading camera designed in collaboration with lens company Leica. The rear dual camera set up is similar to the shooter found on the Huawei P10, with a 12MP sensor taking shots in colour and 20MP sensor shooting only in black and white.

To simplify the process, the Mate 10 Pro uses object recognition and machine learning to automatically adjust the settings so you can get the best shot depending on the subject.

Shots from both sensors are clear, and offer great exposure in both bright and low light conditions.

On the front is an 8MP camera, which has a wide-angle lens to ensure the perfect shot when it’s time for a selfie.

The front camera also includes “beauty mode, which smooths out imperfections on your skin this is still not perfect so it can look a little fake.

Video footage taken using the Mate 10 Pro is shot in 4K, although unlike Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium you won’t be able to watch the recording in this format on your phone.


Finally Huawei has made its latest flagship water resistant with the Pro is IP67 rated, meaning it can be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of water for up to 30 minutes.

The Mate 10 pro is every bit as fast as you’d expect from a top-end phone, with the latest Kirin 970 octa-core processor and 6GB of RAM found on the device.

One of the most impressive features is the 4,000mAh battery found inside the device, which Huawei claims will give at least two days of use — if you are not using your phone.

Despite falling short of the two days through my heavy use, the battery was more than sufficient and easily rivals that of the Samsung Note 8 or Pixel 2 XL.

The device also offers adaptive fast-charging for those who need to top-up on the go. In terms of the operating system, the Mate 10 Pro runs on the latest version of Android, with a Huawei Emui 8.0 interface overlaid.

All in all, Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro is one of the best phones currently on the market.

What makes this product even more enticing is the $A1099 price tag, which comes as a surprise given it can mix it with more expensive premium phones on the market.

I would have no hesitation picking up one of these devices for myself and can see why Huawei is moving up the ranks of global smartphone sales.

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