IT Support Services

PC Mac Repair provides professional home or business, same day, expert onsite computer help, repairs and services. We can fix, setup, install or upgrade your Mac, PC, laptop, iPad, Networks, Software & hardware…right now!

Virus & Malware Removal

Is your desktop running slowly? Are friends complaining about receiving emails from you which you never sent? Your computer may have been infected by  a virus! We'll remove it!

Web design & Hosting

You have a business idea and need help to design a webpage? Give us a call, we'll meet with you, workout what you need, design it and help you host it.


Project Management


Need an experienced project manager to help you with a small or large IT project, contact us because it's what we do!


One on One Training


We have qualified trainers on our team who can help you learn more about your technology and what it can do. We'll ensure you get the most out of your technology.


Software Installs & Configuration


There are literally thousands of software programs out there, we can help you install, setup and tailor them to suit your needs.


Mobile Device Setup & Configuration


Call us out to get all of your mobile devices setup and syncing with your computer, TV, etc.


Home & Business Wireless Setup


We can setup a secure wireless networks in your home or business so that you can share and access anything on your network wirelessly.


Operating System Install & Repair


If your PC is experiencing serious performance issues, a damaged or corrupted operating system, we can reinstall or repair it for you.


General Troubleshooting


We can resolve everything. Next time you can’t get that stuborn program to work or your one of your gadgets won’t sync properly, let us sort it out for you


Hardware Installs


Need a new piece of hardware installed or updated? PC running not running quickly and think it might be time for an upgrade? We'll do it.


Hardware Repair


Computer components like your motherboard or RAM failing? We can can replace them.


Setup New Equipment


Got a new all in one printer and scanner? Need a webcam installed? We’ll connect and configure almost any peripheral to your computer


Email Setup


We can come out to setup an email account for you and show you how to use it! Exchange, POP or IMAP on your iPhone, iPad, etc. we'll configure it for you


Data Backup & Transfer


Don’t leave your personal data at risk of loss! We'll come out to configure a backup of all your most important files.


Data Recovery


There is nothing worse than feeling like you have lost all those digital family memories or critical work data. Contact us and we will do everything we can to help you recover it!


Computer Tune-up


Slow Computer? We can take a look at it, give it a tune-up and it’ll be faster than ever before!


Computer Setup


We’ll come out to setup your new computer on-site, wherever you want it and configured how you want it.


Computer Network Security


Protect your data such as photos, personal emails and other private information from identity thieves, by letting us secure your computer.